The SPEAK Test

Communicating across cultures requires extra effort. Good communication requires commitment and concentration

All non-native speakers of English must pass an oral exam in English called the SPEAK test.  The Missouri law states that you have to have a certain level of competency in speaking English before you can become a GTA.

This test, the Spoken English Assessment (SPEAK) test, is administered Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. by appointment only in the Speech Communication Center, IDE Building Room 201. The SPEAK test takes approximately 20 minutes.  

To register for the Workshop and/or the SPEAK test, your department chair will send us a list of the names of those they are considering for the GTA positions.  Once we receive the list, we will contact you via email and ask you to register for the Workshop. 

You must submit your completed application form to arrange an appointment.  Please make your arrangements to take the SPEAK as soon as you can as Workshop staff time is limited and only a few tests per day can be administered.  If you pass the SPEAK test, you will be enrolled automatically in the GTA Workshop.  

A couple of days before you are scheduled to take the SPEAK test, you may pick up a practice test to review.  The practice test will not teach you English, but it will make you familiar with the format of the SPEAK test.   

You and your department will receive the results of your SPEAK test via email within two to three weeks. If you pass the SPEAK test, you are automatically enrolled in the Workshop.  If you do not pass, it is necessary for you to take the American Communication Skills Class before taking the SPEAK test again.