Recommended Videos for International Students

These are a MUST watch for all international students and those who interact with them.

International Student Experience Part 1

International Student Experience Part 2

International Student Experience Part 3

International Student Experience Part 4

International Student Experience Part 5


Recommended Reading Materials for International Students:


Althen, Gary – Manual for Foreign Teaching Assistants  (Second edition, University of Iowa, 1998)

Althen, Gary – American Ways: A Guide for Foreigners in the United States (Yarmouth, ME:  Intercultural Press, Inc., 1988)  An introduction to American culture with a section about cultures and cultural differences, a section about specific aspects of American culture – including education and a section listing activities that can help visitors from abroad better understand U.S. society.

Barnes, Gregory – The American University: A World Guide -  (Philadelphia: ISI Press, 1984) An interesting readable discussion of the American higher education system as it compares to higher education systems elsewhere.

Barnes, Gregory – Communication Skills for the Foreign-Born Professional – (Philadelphia: ISI Press, 1982)   Particularly recommended for foreign scholars, this book offers pointers about nonverbal communication among American and explains some important points about English usage.

Cah, Steven M. – Saints and Scamps – Ethics in Academia – (Totowa, NJ: Rowman & Littlefield, 1986)   A philosopher’s discussion of the ethical obligations of college and university faculty in the United States.

Gullette, Margaret M. (Ed) – The Art and Craft of Teaching – (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1984)  A collection of useful essays on various aspects of being a teacher; lecturing, test questions, grading, etc., filled with sound, practical advice.

Meyers, C. & Holt, S. -  Success with Presentations: A Course for Non-native Speakers of English -  (Aspen Productions: Burnsville, MN, 2002)  Practical tips for making successful presentations in the classroom and beyond.

Whitford and Dixson - Handbook of American Idioms and Idiomatic Usage (1973). A useful book on American idioms.