Classroom Vocabulary and Definitions

Cheat Sheet – a written or graphic aid (as a sheet of notes) that can be referred to for help in understanding or remembering something complex used on a test/exam/final

Exam file, test file, class file – a file folder for a course with old tests/exams/ homework.  Often kept at fraternity or sorority houses.

Comprehensive Exams – a test that includes all things learned in a course throughout the semester

Open book test – a test where you are allowed to use your book

Closed book test – a test where you are NOT allowed to use your book

Open note test – a test where you are allowed to use the notes you’ve taken in class

Quiz – a SHORT written or spoken test that

Test – a way to measure knowledge or skills in a certain topic by way of a series of questions or exercises to gage ones aptitude

Exam – a test that makes up more of one’s grade than a test does.

Final – the last examination in a course, most times heavily weighted

Bonus Question – a question at the end of a quiz/test/exam/final that if missed does not count against one’s grade but if answered correctly can add points to said test

Extra Credit – extra work a student does in a course that is not mandatory but provides ways to get extra points towards one’s grade

Key to the Exam – the solutions/answers to the exam

Solutions Key – the answer key to the test/exam/final/homework

Curving the grade – grades that are adjusted to be higher or lower based on the class’s performance

Grading on a curve – using a different grading scale than what is normal (see curving the grade)

LEAD Sessions – at S&T: a time where a student can go get help in a certain class or discipline

Help sessions – at S&T: a time where a student can go get help in a certain class or discipline

Tutor – a person who can help another person learn more outside of class in a specific topic of study

Format – a specific layout for a test/exam/test of how students are to be tested (see following terms)

Multiple Choice – when you have a choice of which answer is the correct (a, b, c, or d)

Essay – a question that asks for a written answer to be given in an essay format; introduction, body and conclusion

Short Answer – one paragraph answers, 3-5 sentences of written words

Fill in the blank – a sentence with a blank spot that must be filled in for credit

True/False – a statement that must be determined as TRUE or FALSE by marking T or F

Dead Week – the week before final examinations that normally should be primarily for studying

Flash cards – a small index card with one prompt word on one side and a definition/idea/theory on the other that can be used to study in preparation for a test/exam/final in a self-quizzing way

Study groups – a group of people that go over the material together to better understand it outside of class

Syllabus – a guideline for a class; schedule of classes, homework due and test dates, materials needed for the course, policies for the University

Blue Book – a small blue colored book used for examinations that consist of essays that are used primarily on exams/finals

Take home test – a test a student takes home to complete for points         

Formulas – a specific way of inputting data and getting a solution out of it after calculating or going through the steps of the process

POP Quiz – a SHORT test that is sprung upon the class with no notice or ability for preparation

White Board – a writing area used in the classroom with the ability to be erased easily using markers

Smart Board – a large screen used in a classroom with the ability to be used with human hands

Projectors – a machine that projects what is on the computer screen onto a larger screen for the entire classroom to see

Distance Learning – a class that is offered over the internet, so students can participate and not be in the actual classroom

PowerPoint – a learning and presentation tool used in the classroom to present material and also give presentations

Winging it – to improvise with little preparation

On the fly – something done or said quickly or in passing in a casual/informal manner