Things the Assessors Consider

Can you follow directions?  Put name, title, etc., on board as asked?

Do we know what to call you?

Are you pleasant?  Clear?  Polite?

Have you dressed appropriately? 

Do you make eye contact with the class?

Is your presentation 8 – 10 minutes?  Have you practiced it?  

Is your topic appropriate for an 8 – 10-minute presentation?  Is it too much information in too little time?   

Do you know your topic completely?  Can you answer any questions asked you?

Does your presentation include an appropriate story?  A real-life connection?

Are you bringing a prop?  Do you include examples?

Is your presentation interactive?  Do you ask questions?  Do you involve the class?

Does your presentation have a beginning?  Conclusion?  Is it organized?

If you write on the board, do you start on the left side and work to the right?  Can we read your writing?  Are your diagrams labeled?  Do you talk to the board?

If you use slides, are they appropriate?  Too many?  Written on too much?  Do you read from your slides?

Are you relaxed?  Confident?  Positive? Enthusiastic? 

Did you make sure the class understood you and your presentation? 

Do you understand the questions?  Do you refer to your syllabus?  Are you helpful?

Are you friendly? Approachable?  Easy to understand?  Are you too nice?

Do our undergraduates want you as their GTA?