Our mission is to ensure that the Missouri S&T campus is in compliance with the Missouri Revised Statutes . We hold the GTA Workshops twice a year prior to the spring and fall semesters for our prospective graduate teaching assistants.

GTA Workshop

Important note: The FS 2020 GTA Workshop will be held online this semester.  There will be no face to face (f2f).

The goal of the Workshops are to improve undergraduate education at Missouri S&T by enabling teaching assistants to combine their technical expertise with improved communication skills. For those enrolled in the FS 2020 GTA Workshop we are looking forward to seeing you on Zoom.


Please note all SPEAK tests for the FS-2020 GTA Workshop will be given only in July  online.  Sylvia will contact you to set up your appointment.  All non-native speakers of English must pass an oral exam of English called the SPEAK test.  The Missouri law states that you have to have a certain level of competency in speaking English before you can become a GTA.

ACS Seminar

The ACS Seminar is no longer available.