The primary mission of the Speech Communication Center ~ GTA Workshops is to ensure that the Missouri S&T campus is in compliance with the Missouri Revised Statutes by providing communication skills assessment to the campus’ new graduate teaching assistants.  The center also provides oral communication consultation to the campus, coordinating with the Department of Arts, Languages, & Philosophy to provide technical (recording) support to oral communication classes.

GTA Workshop

The goal of the Workshops are to improve undergraduate education at Missouri S&T by enabling teaching assistants to combine their technical expertise with improved communication skills.  



All non-native speakers of English must pass an oral exam of English called the SPEAK test.  The Missouri law states that you have to have a certain level of competency in speaking English before you can become a GTA.

ACS Class

For those who do not pass the SPEAK or the GTA Workshop, we offer the American Communication Skills class. This free class is offered both semesters and is invite-only. GTA students are offered the class first and if others are interested, they may contact Lucy Sutcliffe.

Calendar of Events 2018-2019

Friday, July 26 2019 Last day to send in applications for FS-19 GTA Workshop.  Please note:  Friday July 19, 2019  is the last day to take the SPEAK Test.

August 12-16, 2019 GTA Workshop

February 5 to May 9, 2019: SP-19 ACS Class

January 13-17, 2020 GTA Workshop