Communication Needs in the USA

Cultural Awareness to Conversational and

 Classroom Communication

  Communication Needs in the USA


  • Assertiveness without aggressiveness
  • Say what is actually being thought (with tact)
  • Avoid nodding (this indicates agreement)
  • Topics of conversation are almost the same in every country
  • Be alert to the clock…time schedules are important…meet your appointments/classes promptly
  • Eye contact means interest and sincerity
  • Avoid inappropriate questions – nothing ”personal” or “private”

         example:  money, age, etc.

  • Personal space is 2 to 3 feet
  • Politeness is used appropriately – not too frequently  (Example:  thank you, I'm sorry, etc -no bowing)
  • Never say you understand if you do not
  • Never pretend that you do not understand when you do
  • Ask for assistance/information
  • Hand shaking is used mainly at the time when people are introduced or when they have not seen each other for quite some time
  • Openness/frankness is absolutely necessary
  • “Male chauvinism” is a “no-no” – (in the states a woman is to be regarded as an equal)
  • Not all things are negotiable – “Avoid trying to make a deal” or ask for exceptions
  • Acknowledge personal privacy – minimize telephone calls – respect other’s time schedules
  • Listen and follow direction
  • Honesty and pleasantness are essential