Here you can find some information and advice about your practice presentation

Each participant in the GTA Workshop will be assigned a reporting time for their practice presentation.  The presentation will be repeated as the major portion of your Workshop evaluation.  You are to prepare an 8-10 minute lesson segment for presentation to an imaginary class.  Assume that your audience is one of the classes you will teach as a GTA.  Although this is only a portion of what would be a longer lesson, it must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You may wish to use the board, transparencies, power point or other visual aids and any handouts you have prepared.  There will be strict adherence to the time limits.  Good teachers plan well for the use of the time available.

Your presentation will be recorded.  Please watch it and learn from it.  We encourage you to watch with a colleague as you will learn more this way. Your recording is found on Canvas.  You must allow for popups.

This assignment will be repeated as the major portion of your Workshop evaluation. During your evaluation, you will be asked some questions about yourself and you will be asked to make an impromptu class announcement. There may be impromptu questions concerning your lesson.  In addition, you will be asked to respond to some typical student questions.


Here are three sample videos of former GTA Workshop attendees for you to observe and emulate.


Sample Presentation #1
Sample Presentation #2
Sample Presentation #3