The GTA Workshops are offered twice a year ~ always the week before/ Fall & Spring semesters. 


General Schedule:

The first 1 1/2 days of the Workshop is classroom intensive: lectures, exercises and assessment tips.   Plan to spend all day with us.

The afternoon of the 2nd day to the morning of the 3rd, you will give your practice presentation This is an 8 - 10 minute presentation that you give to a staff member and several of your colleagues and they will critique your performance. Also, it is recorded for your learning benefit.  After you have received the comments intended to better your presentation, you will refine the same presentation and give it again, but better, in the final presentation.  This critique will take about two hours of your day.  Your time for the practice session and for the final assessment will be assigned after the workshop starts. 

The last 2 1/2 days of the week are devoted to the actual final assessment.  The final assessment takes about 20 minutes, and includes an introductory chat, your 10 minute presentation, followed by question answer period.  The last part of the assessment includes a role play where you are presented with a situation that might happen to a GTA along with some prerecorded common questions asked of GTAs.  The final assessment is conducted by one of our professional staff, a professor from your department, and two undergraduate students.  Your time for the final assessment will be assigned after the workshop starts and will need to accommodate the schedule of your department faculty. 

The practice presentation schedule and the final assessment schedules will be available at noon on Tuesday of the Workshop week.  Check back here or on canvas after that time to find out when YOU need to be here.