Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshop

The GTA Workshop, required by Missouri Revised Statutes, is designed to help you become a more effective classroom communicator.  S&T faculty will share their comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of teaching.  Topics include insights on intercultural communication, seminars on active and collaborative learning, presentations on electronic support in the classroom, and good interpersonal communication with your students both in and out of the classroom.  The goal of the Workshop is to improve undergraduate education at Missouri S&T by enabling teaching assistants to combine their technical expertise with improved communication skills.  

The Workshop has earned highly positive reviews from the GTAs attending because of the opportunity to meet one-on-one with experienced, award-winning faculty, the opportunity to have themselves videotaped while giving a mini-lecture and the opportunity to critique these videotapes with peer GTAs and experienced faculty.

All students MUST pass the Workshop before you can teach as a GTA.  All non-native speakers of English must also pass an oral exam of English called the SPEAK test.    

To register for the Workshop and/or the SPEAK test, your department chair will send us a list of names of those they are considering for the GTA positions.  Once we receive the list, we will contact you via email and ask you to register for the Workshop. 

The GTA Workshop is always held the week before the Spring and Fall semesters start.  You must attend every session of the Workshop or you will be dropped.

Memo from the Provost: Missouri S&T is committed to ensuring that state regulations are followed. To that effect, the Vice-Provost and Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs has published the following dates and  guidelines for the GTA Communication Skills Workshop (FS-18).