The Speech Communication Center is located on the ground floor of the HSS building in Room G7A
GTA Workshop
GTA Workshop
GTA Workshop

Speech Communication Center

The primary mission of the Speech Communication Center is to ensure that the Missouri S&T campus is in compliance with the Missouri Revised Statutes by providing communication skills assessment to the campus’ new graduate teaching assistants.  The center also provides oral communication consultation to the campus, coordinating with the Department of Arts, Languages, & Philosophy to provide technical (recording) support to oral communication classes.

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Communication Skills Workshop, affectionately known as the Workshop is held twice a year the week before the Spring and Fall semesters start.

During the semesters we provide the SPEAK test for graduate students who are non-native speakers of English. 

For those who do not pass the SPEAK test or the Workshop due to language issues, we offer the SP&M S 3001 SPEECH for international students
We are no longer able to offer the free classes of American Pronunciation and American Communication Skills.